Retailers are deploying more-and-more in-store technology just to remain competitive in the market. ZENESYS end-to-end connectivity and security solution enables these technologies to be securely connected, while protecting the network from the latest advanced threats and ensuring strict compliance. Connect and Secure retail locations with complete end-to-end solution. Simplify compliance with proven security technology has a successful track record providing Infrastructure services to the retail sector, understanding the need for reliable effective systems that can help to deliver a competitive edge. Network design and build and communications infrastructure projects feature heavily as well as Storage solutions as our customers recognize the importance of customer data within their organizations.

ZENESYS help retailers modernize customer shopping experience

When it comes to retail industry, customer experience and satisfaction is of paramount importance. All retail chains and outlets vie for footfalls and site visits. A major part of the budget is spent on marketing and advertising and enhancing the in-store display to make the overall shopping experience a pleasure. With mobile devices becoming a key technology enabler, brick-and-mortar stores are incorporating it to enhance customer shopping experience and employee productivity.

In assessing vendors to help our transformation, ZENESYS created a new internal retail solutions group, hiring people with a heavy hitting retail background and creating retail technology solutions. Retailers and brand manufacturers face a multitude of risk, audit, compliance, and quality challenges at every stage and in every business aspect, including finance, supply chain, logistics, inventory handling, merchandising, real estate, marketing, and store operations. Data breaches and related IT risk and compliance issues have also become an important concern.

ZENESYS provides a range of Apps and Solutions

ZENESYS help clients gain from innovative use of mobile devices, as we reduce their effort to secure deployed devices from misuse. They are now able to focus without restrictions on their main business instead of worrying about safety and maintenance of their devices. ZENESYS provides a range of Apps and Solutions to address these challenges. Through an integrated and streamlined approach, our Solutions for enterprise, supply chain, quality management, environment and sustainability, and more enable you to strengthen quality and compliance, effectively mitigate enterprise risks, and enhance their brand.

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