ZENESYS publishing technical aspects together are known to be one of the most important pillars of society. News helps people to stay informed about the most important and the not-so-important happenings in and around the world and it also helps to form opinions and in some cases, have been one of the instruments for revolutions and ground-breaking changes. Magazines can be of a great variety and diversity and many of them are aimed at catering to a particular segment of readers. Most publication houses have newspapers, news channels and also magazines to have their share of the huge market. People are craving for information and their hunger to know more and in-depth details is what keeps the media houses running. With the development and rapid popularization of IT enabled news and magazines, most media houses have resorted to have e-news and e-magazines and e-papers to survive in this global village.

Traditional publishers can now launch their digital solutions

Traditional publishers can now launch their digital solutions with ZENESYS technical solutions. Some of our solutions are development of digital content, web based application design, and cloud computing. We provide outsourced IT solutions & Business Process support to organizations in the Media, Publishing and Entertainment businesses. Our solutions help Agencies, Publishers and Advertisers run increasingly complex businesses more efficiently, effectively & economically and typically help reduce operating costs & turnaround time. In most cases these are designed to address problems from:

  • Legacy systems being resistant to interoperability
  • Data and content converging from different partners, locations and storage systems and failing to integrate
  • Usage of Disparate and non-integrated IT systems
  • Staggering transaction loads and rising demands for throughput and data storage
  • Business spreading beyond what IT can support, as customers engage new geographies, cultures & user bases

Strategize the client digital presence

If the client is a publisher of textbooks, storybooks or any other types of books, we can help strategize the client digital presence in the following ways:

  • Create digital content plan for client printed content.
  • Bundle digital content with client books, either on a CD or online with secure access.
  • Create an eBook for Kindle, iPad, etc.
  • Transform client content as mp3 and mp4 podcasts for mobile and online access.
  • Help clients swiftly move into the digital medium.
  • Develop online assessments with secured login
  • Transform clients existing content into well-formatted interactive content with voice, graphics, animation, music and sound effects.