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Enterprises today are grappling with the question as to how Cloud Computing fits in with their IT strategy and the way they deploy infrastructure and develop applications. Cloud Computing has evolved from being the latest industry buzzword to reality today. While the cloud initially became popular with startup companies and independent developers, both large and mid-market companies are now challenging their teams to figure out the cloud in their IT sky.

At ZENESYS we believe that the cloud can help create the intelligent and agile enterprise.

It can help enter new markets quickly, launch new products, and reduce IT operating costs. Agility, flexibility, and enhanced user experience will drive the move to the cloud.

Cloud leverages

This will have to be balanced with considerations pertaining to risk, security, and data issues. Cloud computing can be deployed in various ways including Software As a Service (SaaS), Platform As a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS) or Business Process as a Service. Cloud, a significant shift in technological evolution, is gaining momentum as multitude of organizations are enfolding to sheer formidable progress.

Cloud leverages the power of Internet to capitalize on the remote resources. The true elastic nature of the Cloud resources eliminates the risk of heavy investments while giving the flexibility to scale up and down.

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Advent of Cloud

With the advent of Cloud and the benefits associated with its adaption, organizations are rushing to leverage the benefits of cloud. CIOs are convinced that Cloud is the way to go but when we look around, there is so much out there.

Whether you’re just starting out or pushing clients existing deployments to the next level, ZENESYS industry-leading portfolio puts clients out in front. Modernize clients data center, embrace hybrid cloud and deliver business success.

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ZENESYS cloud computing infrastructure is capable of satisfying any client’s requirements.